Founded in 2008, is the development, production, sales and service as one of professional manufacturer of switching power supply. The company has a quality, young staff, the existing staff of 120 people. Management of the Company average age of
less than
35 years, the main managers are
211, 985 colleges
undergraduate, master's degree or
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    250W 防水恒压电源
    105W 环形防水变压器
    Shenzhen Chemineer Guangmai Electr ...
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    Company:Shenzhen Chemineer Guangmai Electronics Co., Ltd. Home | About us | Contact us | Chinese | Login
    Add:No4 snow road Industrial Zone Longgang District of Bantian snow Jinpeng Shenzhen Guangdong Province China
    TEL: +86-755-28464885  86-0755-28212117 Tel: +86-0752-5311821
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